Oct 262014

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Oct 252014

Well today we said goodbye to our motel, goodbye to the Scott’s, hopped on a plane and flew over the big blue ocean. It is sad to say goodbye, we’ll miss everyone!

We started reflecting as a team and thinking about getting back into life at home and making the most of the experiences we’ve had.

We’re excited to get home and share with you all!

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Oct 242014

10743805_10203934976868195_160684180_n We made it!

By God’s grace we have reached the end of our last full day!

The men started the day with a debrief with Marshall (the girls debriefed with Julie). This was a great time of sharing our high points and struggles. We also got to hear more about how God brought the Scott’s to Taiwan.

We then did some group debriefing together and at the Scott’s request had some praise time through singing…in English.

After cramming 8 people into the car It was off to the country for lunch at a haka (local minority group) restaurant…(if you consider soup with a full chicken head floating in it food) followed by gift shopping.

We were pleasantly surprised then to have Linda make the trip to join us, the Scott’s and Hsu’s for dinner and our final night together.

unnamedAfter much sharing of pains and praises we ended with much singing and rejoicing in our Lord and God.

Now its time to rest for the long trip home. Please pray God would give us wisdom, insight and discernment as we consider All we have experienced.

Oct 232014

9781908762351-Hindley-Serving-without-sinking-How-to-serve-Christ-and-keep-your-joyContrary to the belief of some the title is not ‘serving without stinking’, nor is it ‘serving without thinking’ and its definitely not ‘sinking without serving’ (although quite often we do see this one lived out in practice), the book IS in fact entitled ‘serving without sinking’!

Hindley’s little book is worth five stars for the key premise alone, essentially that the heart of Christian service is not primarily about finding your identity as a servant of Christ, but instead coming to see that first and foremost you are someone SERVED by Christ. Served before servant. His primary text is Mark 10:45 where Jesus says ‘the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.’ Hindley then goes on to show how Christ’s service of us is to shape our own service, providing us with abiding joy and security.

Hindley also spends some quality time revealing reasons why we might find serving difficult, as well as delving into the richness and results of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us and connecting it to our service, but the book is worth the twelve dollars and fifty nine cents just for his teaching on our new identity as people served by Jesus, rather than servants of Jesus.

Read it. Enjoy it. Enjoy Jesus our servant. And- serve without stinking, ah sorry.. Without sinking..

Oct 232014

This morning we made a visit to a local Christian orphanage for babies who have been abandoned. The Scott’s had fostered a child from there recently. It was an emotional time for me as I’m expecting a baby early next year. The American director gave us a run down of the history and vision of the orphanage. She mentioned that for every 1 child born in Taiwan there are 3 aborted. We sat for an hour and played with newborns to 2 year olds. A number of them had special needs like Down syndrome, head tumours and other heath issues. I prayed for a number to go longterm to Christian families and eventually be saved through Jesus. I left their feeling a deeper desire to love my child irrelevant of any health issues. I believe God loves all people and offers all people salvation so I want to love all people and offer all people salvation including my child and any other child irrelevant or the health status. image image

After lunch we went to the local school we attended last week. The highlight for me was seeing a boy named Jack (English name). He was a Taiwanese boy possibly from a broken family. I wish I could stay here and mentor him, but not right now as I need to go back to Australia. Lucy told them a Bible story and they listened intently. Marshal will continue on the story next week from where she left off.
Tilley and I took Bill (the Scott’s middle son) out for a birthday treat. We went and got ice tea. We talked about our relationships with Jesus and weather we trust him as saviour or not. We also prayed for him.
We finished the night with going out to dinner with Marshal. We went to Love River in the centre of the city. There was a nice breeze. I’m not sure if you realise this but it’s been so hot that many of the team has often  felt dizzy and sick.
Oct 212014


imageThis morning we spent time at the Eden community centre which has a Christian early childhood section that helps at risk children. It was good to be able to interact with them and also their parents and grandparents. We had a talk to an interesting man who said he was Buddhist but said the rest of his family were Christians. Please pray that Jeremy and the Scott’s can keep growing the relationship with him.

For lunch we met with a Presbyterian minister who the Scott’s try to encourage as he’s new to the role and seeking to have more of a missional focus. He shared a bit about his life and we prayed for him.
This afternoon and tonight we had off to relax a bit.
Oct 202014

IMG_0639This morning we went prayer walking with Marshal and his TEAM mate Jeremy. We made two new contacts with local men in the markets. Jimmy is a young man who sells fruit and Ian has a fresh fish stall. Please pray that Marshal will be able to continue to talk to these men and ultimately that they’d be saved by Jesus.

We then visited a temple that houses the ‘god’ of agriculture. They always feel like spiritually heavy places, so dark and desperate.

This afternoon we went to a high school to teach about Jesus. Mark showed a set up piece video of Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ and then shared his testimony about how he used to live like this but now that Jesus saved him his life now belongs to Jesus. We also broke into six discussion groups with each of the team members leading a group. IMG_0625My group was particularly hard as no students would speak or even answer a question I’d ask. Pray that Julie would have opportunities with these girls in the future. Pray I won’t be discouraged about this, but trust God to use all I can give. It’s hard being here as a mum as I am so far from home and the family I love.


Oct 202014

Church today! We went to Jia Chang church and ran the service. Alice gave her testimony, Mark told a bible story and we sung some songs with them! That was a wonderful time of encouragement being part of a church in Taiwan.
We then spent some time relaxing and drinking cold coffee (Taiwan specialty), followed by a social night with the Scott’s and others from church, playing board games and having dinner together.
We had a great time relaxing with the Scott’s before of a big day tomorrow!



Oct 192014

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Oct 182014

We left Linda and Christine in Donggang this morning, navigating the bus and subway back to Kaoshiung on our own… with only one missed stop!
We ran the kids Club with the Scott’s team this afternoon; Dan shared his testimony, Mark shared the story of the rich fool from the Bible and we played some games and sang together. It was great to hang out with the youth and kids and talk to them about Jesus.
Tonight we hit up the local night market for some dinner and a look around at this exciting part of Taiwan’s culture. Mark finally got a taste of the famous local cuisine: stinky tofu!
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