Church Family Prayer 2018 03 11

David & Gae McDonald

Pray for the people of north western NSW, that God’s mercy would be evident to them as they feel relief in the change of season after being through a punishing summer from a weather point of view. Pray that David and Gae can be encouraged by seeing evidence of spiritual gains and not be disheartened by the isolation, heat and indifference to the gospel.

As David and Gae get to know people in their new patrol community more deeply, ask God to help them  build trust and talk about matters of the heart.

Pray for communities affected by drugs and alcohol. Ask God to show mercy to children affected by dysfunctional families and pray for grandparents and aunts and uncles who are filling the gaps when parenting falls apart.  In particular, pray for the older lady that David and Gae met who is raising her 5 year old nephew. Give thanks for their conversation around the gospel and praise God they were able to encourage her with Bible reading material and a children’s Bible and story book. Ask God to grow her and her nephew as she reads Bible stories to him each night. Praise God for this lady’s outreaching heart as she desires for her sister to be reached by David and Gae’s ministry too.

Pray for more corporate worship opportunities in the north west, which are rare. Pray that the barrier of distance could be overcome so that people can have access to group fellowship more regularly, whether that means having transport or having a drivers licence.

Pray for David and Gae as they head to Melbourne for the PIM conference, held every two years. Pray that the focus on teaching, discipleship and evangelism will energise them and they will be uplifted by the fellowship.

Please continue to pray for these things throughout the week …


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One comment on “Church Family Prayer 2018 03 11
  1. Your prayer support is highly valued and appreciated. We are currently at the PIM conference and are being encouraged and challenged around discipleship and how and when we tell people about Jesus… and then what… Thanks for including us in the church family, for your love and encouragement.
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