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Talk 1, Counting The Cost

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Book Review: Teen Sex by the Book

Straight up: I was quite disappointed by this book. Teen Sex by the Book got absolutely bucket-loads of attentionĀ last year at pretty much every youth camp, youth conference and youth event. The author, Patricia Weerakoon, even made a trip from

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Book Review: Enjoy your prayer life

Another delightful book from Michael Reeves. Super short, only 46 pages! Simple enough to gobble up in just one sitting, but rich enough to chew on for many many sittings. Reeves starts by defining prayer. For him, following Calvin, prayer

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Book Review: Serving Without Sinking

Contrary to the belief of some the title is not ‘serving without stinking’, nor is it ‘serving without thinking’ and its definitely not ‘sinking without serving’ (although quite often we do see this one lived out in practice), the book

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