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Hot Hooligans

Youth coming to huMPDay Hooligans tomorrow, throw in swimmers and a rashie for some coolin’ off… its gunna be a stinker 41°C!!

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huMPDay Hooligans starts tomorrow

‘huMPDay hooligans- New in 2019′ kicks off this wednesday the 13th of Feb… It’s an ‘optional extra’ for all youth Yr7-12 to help them make it over the midweek huMp 3pm-5pm Wednesday afternoons at Park Ave building Hanging out (table

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Enjoying God: week 1

I hope everyone who signed up for Term 1 of SCPC book club has been able to grab a copy of Enjoying God. If not, there are a few still available at the office at Park Ave so drop in

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Enjoying God

I hope you’re looking forward to this book as much as I am! Judging by the 60+ people who ordered a copy I reckon there’s a fair bit of enthusiasm out there!   Suzie & I are a few chapters

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