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Year 13 to Fiji

On Sunday I got the opportunity to explain to our congregation what I have been up to in terms of year 13 and what’s coming up.  The downside was I didn’t really get to explain what I’ve found encouraging, or

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Year 6 night this Friday

This week at youth there is a year 6 night (7-9pm at the park ave building). Anyone in year 6 is free to join us. If ya know anyone who would be keen please let them know.

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Why does God let people use religion as a tool for war?

Last week, we looked at the question, How could a good God allow suffering? We looked at pain and suffering, and how the answer is found in Jesus. We all know and can see that war results in pain and

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How do Christians reconcile the rapists and murderers that Jehovah gives the thumbs up for in the Old Testament?

This is an interesting question that relates to the question preached on last Sunday ‘how could a good God allow suffering?’ I reckon one of the strange stories in the   Bible is a story about rape, circumcision and murder. You

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