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Love My Church II

I wonder if you remember the Love My Church series from a couple of years back? We looked at what the Bible has to say about the radical nature of church and the gospel call to love one another with

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Every opportunity

Did you read Monday’s Northern Star, with a page 3 article about some ‘research’ that has been conducted into School Scripture?! I was encouraged to see David R had commented on their website. Here’s a letter I sent to the

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Why is Following Christ Tough?

Want to know the answer? Then get ya self along to the park ave building tomorrow night at 7:30pm (Thursday the 27th August). John Woodhouse (the principal of Moore Theological College) is gunna be talking to us briefly about Moore

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Dry and crusty

For lots of different reasons (mainly because we live in a fallen world) I feel quite flat at the moment. Even though Sunday was a sad day, I really liked the words of one of the songs that we sang

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