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Growup: Day 120

Psalms 119:33-176 This is one very cool Psalm! It’d be pretty hard to miss the author’s main theme or “big idea” – the goodness of God’s word. I’ve actually been thinking about this theme a fair bit this week as

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Growup: day 119

Psalm 112:1 – 119:33 The Psalm that I got into the most this morning was Psalm 118. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 118:1 When everything turns pear shaped I reckon it

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Growup: day 118

psalms 107 – 111 Good morning! Sorry for the early birds who may have been waiting for this mornings blog… psalm 107 is pretty cool… The redeemed people are giving thanks to God, praising God for his grace and mercy.

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Growup: Day 117

Psalms 105-106 These two psalms are a fascinating contrast when read one after the other. The first (105) is an out-and-out unadulterated celebration of what God had done for his people, especially in the Exodus. God is praised for his

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