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Growup: Day 211

Jer 49:23-50:46 What goes around comes around… or perhaps you can not reject the Lord forever. Babylon, the vessel which God had been using to exercise his judgment, now comes into the firing line of that same righteous judgment. The

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Growup: Day 210

Jeremiah 47:1 – 49:22 Judgement, Judgement, Judgement…. The nations around Israel are about to cop it. At the hands of the Lord, because of their sin and their treatment of Israel. 47:7  But how can it rest when the LORD has commanded

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Growup: day 209

I realised coming back from holidays that i am a bit behind (I forgot to pick up a term 3 booklet!) but i believe we’re up to Jeremiah 43 – 46… In today’s reading, one thing that stuck out was

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Liberating Prayer

Reading this book last night I came across the following gem on the battle to be DISCIPLINED in prayer and wanted to share it with you, a quote from Dr J Sidlow Baxter… As never before, my will and I

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