Monthly Archives: September 2010

Growup day: Day 272 and 273

Day 272 Matthew 1:1-4:25 Well if you’ve made it all the way through the OT you must be stoked. Hopefully with all that OT background, the NT will come alive, as you see Jesus fulfil all the promises and prophecies made about him.

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Doing What Matters

It’s so easy to just go along living life without questioning whether what we’re doing is what matters most. I’ve just had 2 weeks holiday and it was a really good opportunity to refocus and try to examine how I

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Growup: Day 271

Job 40:6-42:17 Today the long journey through the Old Testament comes to a close. And its a fitting way to finish – with God reaffirming his kingship over all creation. For me, the key line in these final chapters of

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Grow up: Day 270

Job 37:1-40:5 Brace yourself like a man! Image standing before God after you have questioned his character. As the Lord speaks it exposes Job’s ignorance. Job has doubted that God consistently rules the world in rigtheousness. Yet here we see

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