Talk 4, The King’s Race

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2 comments on “Talk 4, The King’s Race
  1. Mark Tirris says:

    Idols of my heart were brought to my attention in listening to this talk. What steps can we as Christian’s take to stop idolising something or someone once we are made aware we are doing this?

  2. Trevor Voltz says:

    Mark its great to hear that this talk opened your heart to the idols in your life. It may sound simple and same old thing but its true. Repent, replace it with Jesus,praise God for His mercy and Grace in showing you this. It will be a battle the devil does not like it when we do this but we have the Victor on our side the destroyer of false idols. Will be praying for you brother.

    The essential dynamic of change in the heart of the Christian runs on a cycle of repentance and faith. Repentance is unmasking the idols of the heart,the motivations for action and bases for identity other than Christ,and then taking them to the Cross. Faith is trusting in the forgiveness of Christ,understanding both the depth of our sin and the worth of Christ’s (sacrifice.

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