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SCPC Flood Response

That’s a lot of water! How can we help?! Due to the flood we’ve decided to call off our 9:30am and 6pm Sunday Gatherings at Lismore High. Instead, for those who are able, we’ll gather at Park Ave at 9:30am

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Youth is closed tonight

Due to the flood, Youth is closed tonight. Year 6 can join us next Friday the 7th of April.

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Year 6 night this Friday at Youth

Year 6 are welcome to join us at youth this Friday the 31st of March at Lismore High School 7pm-9pm. Speak to Stew or Sam for more info.

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Daylight Saving Ends

Daylight saving ends this Sunday April 2nd. Remember to put your clocks back one hour and that will give you an extra hour to get ready for church!

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