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YC ONE ‘The Body’

Youthies! This Friday, SCPC is hosting the next regional Youth event at Lismore High, 17 November, 6:30-9pm. Matt Simpson will be dissecting ’the Body’ from 1 Corinthians 6. Bring $5 for dinner.



Vision Sunday

Make sure you’re around this Sunday for Vision Sunday, 19th November so that we can all move into 2018 together with our eyes wide open and our hearts and minds united in our purpose and our plans.

GC Moves

As announced on Sunday 5th November, 2018 presents an opportunity for anyone seeking to change GCs. This is in recognition of the fact that while most people enjoy the stability and fruitfulness of staying in a GC long term, for others a change can bring fresh opportunities to pursue loving relationships with God, other members of the church family, and with the lost. Our intention is to provide this opportunity on a 3-year cycle. This is long enough to establish and enjoy some deep relationships and to make progress in mission together. We also hope that it might give a greater sense of purpose to those relationships and mission.

If you would like to move GCs in 2018, please speak to one of the SCPC elders or their wives BEFORE Sunday 26th November and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

Southern Cross Goonellabah Light Lunch

Bring a plate of savouries to share this Sunday, 19th November. Every first and third Sundays we’ll share a light lunch together at 12pm at the Goonellabah Community Centre after our gathering.



‘The Star’

A special screening of ’The Star’ has been arranged with Lismore BCC Cinema on Saturday 9th December at 1pm. ‘The Star’ (PG) is a kids animated movie telling the Christmas story from the animals’ perspective. While we don’t expect the movie to have much of a gospel focus, its an opportunity to keep the true story of Christmas on the agenda by inviting our friends to come watch it with us. Tickets are $15 at the door.



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