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Carols Postcard Letterbox Drop

A big thank you to everyone who has been able to deliver Carols postcards. There are still 4 areas that haven’t been claimed so come and grab them from the office so nobody in Lismore misses out on an invitation. Postcards should be delivered by this Friday.

Carols @ Lismore High

Carols is this Sunday, 17th December! The fun starts at 6pm so grab a carload of family and friends and spread out on the lawn for a great night of Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Day Gathering

Our whole church family will join together on Christmas Day at Lismore High at 9:30am. There will be no SCG gathering or PM gathering on Christmas Day.


Invite an International Student to Christmas Dinner

Southern Cross Uni is co-ordinating Australian Christmas dinner experiences for students visiting from overseas. If you would like to host an international uni student for Christmas dinner this year, please see the details below provided by Robert Lingard the SCU Chaplain:

There are a number of SCU’s international students who would appreciate an invitation to join with locals as they celebrate Christmas. Christmas celebrations include a wide variety of forms, traditions, foods and take place at a variety of times and days – so there is no expectation that you provide a particular sort of experience for the students. It really is about extending hospitality and friendship.

If you are interested in hosting  1 or 2 international students as part of your Christmas celebrations, please contact Robert Lingard at . Please indicate if you are offering to host 1 or 2 students, and provide a phone number that can be passed on to the student. Next Wednesday, 20th December, you will be emailed the name and contact details of your student so that you can invite them to join with you, and to make arrangements.

Please consider that while some international students have cars and are able to drive, there are others who might need to be picked up from SCU campus, and then returned afterwards.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

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