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Prayer Focus: The Gospel in Schools

@ Local Primary Schools

Praise God for the ongoing opportunity to share the gospel with students in public schools through weekly SRE classes (scripture). Give thanks for the many volunteers who keep this opportunity alive and especially for the avenue it allows parents to make a contribution to the life of their kids schools in an explicitly Christian way.

@ Local High Schools

Praise God that Lucy Herd is the new REAL teacher at both Lismore High and Richmond River High and the way this fits in so well with our ministry to high school students through Friday Night Youth and Explore in the schools at lunch time. Give thanks for the Christian students who are boldly inviting their friends along.

@ Casino Christian School

On Mondays students have the opportunity to spend their lunch reading the bible together. Give thanks for this and that it has overflowed to some students choosing to meet on Friday lunch as well where they are also reading the bible together. Give thanks for the tangible ways that students, in response to the gospel, have been making choices to love others. Pray for the many students who have come from families that do not know Jesus, that they would be called into His kingdom.

@ Other Christian Schools

Praise God for the opportunity several members of our church family have to help kids to meet and know Jesus through their work in other Christian schools in Lismore, Ballina & Maclean. Pray that their character and behaviour would adorn the good news they share

Please continue to pray for the gospel in schools throughout the week…


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