SCPC Flood Response

lismore_-_abcThat’s a lot of water! How can we help?!

Due to the flood we’ve decided to call off our 9:30am and 6pm Sunday Gatherings at Lismore High. Instead, for those who are able, we’ll gather at Park Ave at 9:30am Sunday to pray and then to head out in groups to lend a hand with the flood recovery effort.

There are several members of the church family who will need help with cleaning up homes and businesses and we’d also like to be able to help in general with whoever needs a hand. The church property at 99 Brewster St will also need to be cleaned out once flood waters recede.

If you are able to help, please wear sturdy footwear and gloves and bring cleaning gear, including high pressure cleaners, squeegees, large brooms, mops and anything else that will help with the clean-up.

If YOU need help in any way or if you have friends or family who need a hand, please comment here and we’ll work to organise help as needed.

At this stage, as far as we’re aware, members of the church family who live in flood affected areas have been able to evacuate and businesses have done what they can.

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2 comments on “SCPC Flood Response
  1. Wendy visman says:

    If any one gets a chance I would appreciate some help cleaning up and moving things back downstairs.

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