Church Family News 2018 05 06

100 Stories in 100 Words

One thing we’re aiming for at Celebration Sunday this year is to share many stories from the church family that reflect our life together in Christ. Stories could come in the form of prose, poetry, a song… and could be captured on paper, audio or video… the only limit is your imagination—oh, and 100 words! Can’t wait to hear & see what you come up with!

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mums! We thank God for you and pray for your growth as followers of Jesus.

YNET & Youth Launch

Twelve of our Kids and Youth Leaders were at YNET last weekend for some excellent training to help them lead and grow our kids and youth as followers of Jesus. With our leaders fresh and firing from their time at YNET, Youth will launch into Term 2 this Friday 11th May at Lismore High from 7-9pm. Youth happens each Friday night during school terms to grow our high schoolers as followers of Jesus.

Newcomers Lunch

If you’re new at Southern Cross, we really want to help you feel at home with us. So please join us for a newcomers lunch at the Thompsons place, 12:30pm next Sunday 20th March.


North Coast Christian Convention

In 3 weeks time, we’ll be heading down to Evans Head K-12 School on 26-27 May for some great Bible teaching and fellowship with hundreds of other North Coast Christians. This years talks will be from the parables of Jesus, brought to us by six local pastors. But don’t come to hear the local talent, come instead if you have “ears to hear” the Lord Jesus. Get together with your GC and make a weekend of it. There will be no gatherings at SCG or Lismore High on Sunday 27th May.


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