Church Family News 2018 09 30

Daylight Saving Begins

This Sunday 7th October is the beginning of Daylight Saving. Move your clocks forward one hour or you’ll miss most of the Sunday gathering!


Term 4 START Meeting

Our term 4 Series Companions will be available to collect on Sunday 14th October. Term 4 kicks off with our START meeting at Park Ave on Tuesday 16th October, 7:30pm. We’ll introduce the Bible teaching for the term and prepare for all that’s in store for our church family in the coming term. Bring your Bible and your Series Companion with you.

Breaking the Silence Training

Breaking the Silence is the safe ministry policy and process for the Presbyterian church. It is our way of helping everyone involved in our ministries to stay safe. Our next BTS safe ministry training session is on Saturday Oct 20 from 9:30am-1pm at Lismore High School. All leaders including ministers, elders, ministry leaders and gospel community leaders, as well as those working with children or young people, need to complete this training every three years. Please bring along some morning tea to share.

Staff Away

Stew is on annual leave and study leave from 24 September to 21 October. Sam will be on annual leave 1-14 October, Pete is on leave this week and Matt will be on leave next week!


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