Prayer Focus 2018 08 19

PRAYER FOCUS: every 2nd week we look outward to what’s happening in the wider church and in the world. Today’s prayer focus is for Linda McKerrell who is serving Jesus in Donggang, Taiwan.

Give thanks for the Donggang team retreat this past week that the mission team got to think, pray, consider, brainstorm, reflect, encourage, plan, read, listen, play and hangout together. Pray that the team will have wisdom and creativeness as they try writing some small tracts to make people curious about Jesus. Pray for the new team leader, Aaron Koh and his family for godliness, wisdom and health as they take on this new role.

Give thanks for the contacts Linda has made and relationships being built through the Zumba class. Pray for Ching Ching who has heard 2 bible stories and wants to hear more. Pray also for Mrs Plum who has had a bad experience with church in the past and is hesitant to listen.

Give thanks for a lady named Susan who was struck by the other-centered nature of the gospel when she heard her Christian friends praying for others, not just for themselves. Pray that this good news of the gospel will be life changing for Susan as she comes to know and trust Jesus.

Pray for Linda as she serves Jesus daily in Danggong, that she will trust God and honour his name as holy among the people there. Pray that God’s word and timing will never seem inadequate or strange as she chooses to trust and obey him each day.

Please continue to pray for Linda throughout the week.


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