Church Family News 2019 01 20

Book Club

Want to Enjoy your relationship with God more in 2019? Then sign up at the community table to get a copy of ENJOYING GOD, our SCPC Book Club text for Term 1.

Term 1 Series Companions & START Meeting

Our Term One series companions will be available on Sunday 27th January. Bring them along to our Term One START meeting at Park Ave on Wednesday 30th January, 7:30pm to make the most of every opportunity that first term has in store for our church family.

Term One Draft Roster

The Term One draft roster is on the Community table for you to check.

Library Books

Books from the church library are available for borrowing throughout the school holidays. Check out the book table and see what takes your interest.

Church Family Photos

Took some good shots at a Church Event or with your GC? Send them to us! We’d love to share them with the Church Family on our weekly e-mail. Email or


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