Church Family News 2019 06 09

Rachel’s Visit & Surprise Birthday Party

From June 10-16, we will be hosting CMS missionary, Rachel from Eurasia. Rachel would love to join in as many DNA groups and ministry events and meetings as possible while she is here. Add your event to the schedule on the Community table. On Thursday 13th June, we will surprise Rachel with a birthday party, the whole church family is invited to Park Ave at 5:30pm for a bring and share dinner.


Youth can catch a lift to Evans Head for some ‘Out of this World’ action and Bible talk at YC ONE this Friday 14th June.  Departure is 6pm from the Lismore High bus bay. Cost is $10. Youth will return at 9:30pm.

Partnering with Parents of Youth

On Sunday 16th June at 11:30am after our morning gathering, Stew will provide an information handout for parents of Youth about the content of the Bible teaching at Safari.

Safari Early Bird Rego

The early bird rate for Safari ends this weekend. Make sure you’ve got your rego form in to Stew. Standard regos close on June 28.


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