Church Family News 2019 08 18

Equip: Jesus & Sexuality

We’ll be joining a livestream event from the Centre of Christian Living with Ed Shaw speaking on Jesus & Sexuality. It all starts at 7:30pm at Park Ave on Wednesday 21st August.

NCCC ManCon 2019

What could a 3000 year-old love story have to say to a bunch of Aussie men?! There’s only one way to find out! Fill your car (or grab a lift) with a bunch of friends and head to NCCC ManCon 2019 at Alstonville Baps on Aug 30-31. Register ASAP at

Send in your photos for Celebration Sunday

Only 4 weeks ’til Celebration Sunday. We’d love to add your photos of Church family life to our photo montage so feel free to send them in to

NCCC Women’s Convention

‘Finding Jesus in Habbakuk’ is the focus of this year’s NCCC Women’s Convention on Saturday 7th September at Alstonville (

We also have our SCPC Women’s Retreat next term on November 8-9 so if you can only make it to one or the other, make the most of that opportunity.

Book Club

This term we are reading ‘Honest Evangelism’ by Rico Tice. Add your name to the sign-up sheet on the Community table and grab your copy for $10. The discussion evening will be on Wednesday 18th September.


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