Around the Table Tuesday

With love from the Millar family this week.
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5 comments on “Around the Table Tuesday
  1. David says:

    Very encouraging

  2. Bronwyn Herd says:

    Thanks Millar Family.
    That was very encouraging!
    A lovely table to be around.
    Love Scott & Bronwyn

  3. Ailsa Auld says:

    Thank you to the Millar family for having me as part of your family devotions tonight.

  4. Laura Herd says:

    Thanks, Millar family! We were a day late but we all really loved joining in with your family devotions this morning. Our kids loved hearing the familiar voices 🙂
    It was such an encouragement to hear your family all growing in the gospel together.

  5. Catherine Henderson says:

    Thanks Millar’s lovely to hear your voices and what an encouraging devotion. How broken we are!

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