Back to Lismore High this Sunday!

Our 9:45am Morning Gathering will return to Lismore High this Sunday 20th December. We can give thanks to God that we’ll all be together again but it won’t be exactly the same as our pre-Covid arrangement.

To keep loving one another well, here’s what to expect:

1. As you arrive, we’ll ask everyone to maintain social distancing.

2. We’ll ask if anyone is sick. If anyone is sick, we’ll have to ask you not to attend but you can listen to the audio recording of the Bible talk on our website.

3. Contact tracing will need to be completed before you enter the hall and before children are taken to Kids Church. Creche-aged children will remain with their parents/carers in the hall.

4. Kids Church will commence at 9:45am so children can be taken directly to the E Block covered area to sign in before church commences. Morning tea for children will be served at Kids Church. Children will be signed out from their classrooms at the end, so we’ll ask parents/carers to keep socially distanced and not mingle.

5. We give thanks that we can sing together once again but there will be optional masks available and a special section for anyone who prefers to keep distanced from people who are singing.

5. Morning tea for adults will be served in the hall with pre-packaged food. We ask everyone to queue physically distanced for cuppas and sit in groups of about six people. Children won’t be able to come into the hall.

6. As you depart, please keep socially distanced as you head to your cars.

We look forward to seeing everyone together again this Sunday!

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