Daily Devotional: Luke 22:54b-62

Read Luke 22:54b-62
When Jesus was doing miracles and looked like he would become King of Israel, Peter was proud to stand beside him and even fight for him. But when Jesus gets arrested, and it looks like his enemies will have the victory, Peter is fearful and denies even knowing Jesus.

Peter is clearly recognised by the people who are gathered in the flickering light of the courtyard fire. There are no apparent threats levelled at Peter, no accusations or mockery. He is simply recognised as being ‘one of them.’

It would be easy to be fearful and believe that Jesus had been defeated as he is arrested in the dark of night and taken away to be questioned.

But with the crow of the rooster and a knowing look from Jesus, we see that he is exactly where he planned to be. In his darkest hour, Jesus was preparing for victory.

By Brad Herd (Gospel Community Vision Coordinator)

Reflection Questions

  1. Why was Peter following at a distance?
  2. How is Peter recognised?
  3. How does Peter respond to the people?
  4. Does Jesus know what’s happening with Peter?
  5. How does Peter respond to Jesus?
  6. How does Jesus respond to Peter (see John 21:17)
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One comment on “Daily Devotional: Luke 22:54b-62
  1. David Roberts says:

    Thanks Brad for preparing this study. It’s encouraging to see how gracious Jesus was to Peter after his denials of knowing Jesus.

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