Daily Devotional: Luke 24:36-43

Read Luke 24:36-43
Though the text doesn’t specifically say that Jesus appeared through locked doors, the response of the disciples strongly suggests some kind of sudden materialisation among them.

Even though they were literally just hearing confirmation about Jesus’ resurrection, his appearance was unexpected. Imagine this moment for the disciples. Their minds would have been racing – full of questions, fearful, yet super excited. What a roller coaster of emotions!

Look at verse 39. As Jesus seeks to show them that he is indeed physically risen, it’s interesting that Jesus shows his scars – not to make the disciples feel guilty about his suffering, but rather to prove his physical resurrection. There’s no-one else walking around who bears those scars. He is no ghost & no look-a-like. Jesus is definitively alive!

For the disciples, and maybe for many people today, as the truth of Jesus’ resurrection starts to sink in, the implications are so wonderful & so amazing it might just seem too good to be true.

The gospel of the risen Lord Jesus is both good and true!

By Matt Crosthwaite (Gospel Community Vision Coordinator)

Reflection Questions

  1. Have you ever been told news that seemed too good to be true?
  2. Why do you think Luke paid such close attention to the physicality of Jesus resurrection?
  3. What do you make of the disciples reaction in verse 41?
  4. There’s overwhelming evidence for Jesus’ physical resurrection in this passage. How does this evidence help us today to help others see the truth of the gospel?

Family Around the Table
From this short passage, count the things that Jesus did to prove that he is alive.
Pray together: Give thanks for God’s word and for the people who shared the good news with us.

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