Daily Devotional Luke 24:9-12

Read Luke 24:9-12
You may be well acquainted with the story of the first Easter. But it can not be underestimated how ridiculous and fanciful someone rising from the dead is and was. The women, on their return from the tomb, certainly believed. You can imagine the speed in their step! However, the apostles weren’t convinced this could in any way be true!! Listen to how Luke captures their reaction. They thought it ‘nonsense’!!! Peter though, as always, leads the charge to discover if this is ‘fact or fiction’. Though by the end of verse 12 we are left in some suspense. Peter walks into the tomb, finds it empty, but leaves scratching his head about what actually happened here. The women certainly know, they believe, but the men still need to catch up!

By Stew Playsted (Gospel Community Vision Coordinator)

Reflection Questions

  1. What is the first thing they do after remembering Jesus’  words?
  2. Why did the apostles find the women’s news so hard to believe?
  3. What is Peter’s response to the women’s news?
  4. What does Peter discover at the tomb?
  5. What does Peter make of his findings?

Family Around the Table
Can you imagine what you might have felt on that first Easter? What would you have done if you saw the empty tomb and the strips of linen lying on the floor?

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