Daily Devotionals: Luke 22:47-54a

Read Luke 22:47-54a
It seems as if there was a crowd / angry mob with Judas. From this, it seems that despite the popularity of Jesus at times, there were still plenty of people who were willing to do whatever it took to murder him.

How extraordinary of Jesus to know from the start that Judas would betray him to a cruel, painful and unjust death, yet he chose Judas to be a disciple, would eat with him and let Judas look after his finances. It would seem that greeting each other with a kiss (very un-Australian for men to greet each other with a kiss!) was the normal affectionate way you greeted close friends and not uncommon between Judas and Jesus.

Even though Jesus miraculously and graciously loved his enemies by healing the high priest’s servant’s ear, the mob still is determined to deliver Jesus to the high priest so he might be unjustly executed.

By David Roberts (Gospel Community Vision Coordinator)

Reflection Questions

  1. What do you think it means in Luke 22:53 “when darkness reigns”?
  2. Who is really reigning during these events (see what Jesus said earlier in Matthew 10:26-31)?
  3. Who was the High Priest mentioned in Luke 22:50 (see Matthew 26:57-75)? Was he a friend or foe of Jesus?
  4. Why would God allow such injustice to happen to his only Son?

Family Around the Table
Pray together about current situations you are all facing that are causing you to be anxious or fearful using Luke 22:47-54a and Matthew 10:26-31 as inspiration for how to pray.

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