Daily Devotionals Luke 23:50-56

Read Luke 23:50-56
Three main ideas are raised in this short passage regarding the burial of Jesus.

Who is this Joseph of Arimathea? What do we know of him? This is the first we have heard of him, but we hear that he is good and upright; a man of integrity. We may assume that he is a learned man of the scriptures, being a Member of the Council. Is it this knowledge of the scriptures that allowed him to realise who Jesus actually was? Enough to risk so much and to oppose the decision of the Sanhedrin that condemned Jesus, and boldly to go before Pilate to ask for Jesus body?  

Women from Galilea, (identified as Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark) reveal more about the authenticity of the death and burial of Jesus. They were eye witnesses to the way he was laid out in the tomb, so convinced that they go home to prepare spices and perfumes for preparing the body. They were also aware of the location of the tomb, so their return to the tomb on the day of resurrection could be sure.  

Luke clearly makes a reference to the fact that it is ‘Preparation Day’ and the beginning of the Sabbath. Similarly, to the symbolism in Luke 22:7, where Luke refers to the ‘sacrifice of the Passover Lamb’ on the night that Jesus is to be handed over to be crucified, He now makes the reference to lead-up to the Sabbath, the time of rest for God’s People.

By Andrew Griffiths (Gospel Community Vision Coordinator)

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