Daily Devotionals Luke 23:6-12

Read Luke 23:6-12
None of the leaders want to take responsibility for Jesus. No one wants to touch him. Maybe they realise there is too much ‘bad press’ associated with him. Already the darkness has reigned (Luke 22:53). Betrayed in the dark. Now Pilate has the power to free him. He makes his assessment that he is innocent but doesn’t free him from the corrupt system but politically ‘handballs’ him off to Herod. Pilate doesn’t want to get caught up in this political scandal. Jesus finds no friend in Herod; instead, he is treated like a performing animal or jester. Jesus is vehemently accused, ridiculed, mocked and is returned to the sinister political loop. The only winner out of this, is the friendship struck between Herod and Pilate. The innocent one is bullied by the ones who could have saved him. The greatest irony in all this is that Jesus makes enemies, friends through his innocent death.

By Stew Playsted (Gospel Community Vision Coordinator)

Reflection Questions

  1. Why do you think Pilate sent Jesus to Herod?
  2. What does Herod hope to see from Jesus?
  3. What is Herod’s assessment of Jesus?
  4. Do you find that some people think Jesus is a bit of a joke? Why?
  5. Do you think you honour Jesus as the true king of this world? Why/Why not?

Family Around the Table
What is the difference between a jester (a clown) and a king? Do you find that people like to make fun of Jesus? Why? How can you live as if Jesus is the true king?

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