Sunday Scattering 26th April 2020

Sunday 26th April 2020

Welcome! to our Sunday Scattering online. Wherever you find yourself scattered, we pray you will be encouraged from God’s word as we open to Mark 13 and see that it’s worth being prepared for Jesus return. We’ll be asking the questions: Am I living for Jesus now? Am I ready for His return?

Following, is all the information you will need to be able to benefit from our scatterings this Sunday.

Zoom link

Instructions for connecting to ZOOM for our Sunday Scatterings can be found in the attached document.

Click here to join the Zoom webinar from 9:30am or 5:30pm on Sunday 26th April 2020. Alternatively, you can use the meeting ID: 657 139 469.

Our Sunday Scatterings will begin at 10am and 6pm.

Kids Church

Hi kids!! This week we are checking out what Jesus says to his followers in Mark 13 v 33-37 about “Trouble & hope” . There’s also questions, puzzles and colouring in based on our passage. You’ll find them in the downloadable documents below. We’ll also hear from Stacey in Sunday’s morning service.

Please contact our office if you’re unable to print this material at home.

Kids Church Material

A KIDSWISE video called “Jesus is Coming” Based on Matthew 25
For use by SCPC and SCG

Kids Church Zoom rooms at 11:15 am
We have set up some Zoom rooms for primary school kids (Year 3-6) to meet with their kids church leaders and work through the kids church material together. To join, just click on the kids church class your child is in and use the same password you used to join the Sunday Scattering webinar.

Year 3-6 Girls or Meeting ID: 781102755

Year 3-4 Boys or Meeting ID: 303656924

Year 5-6 Boys or Meeting ID: 919229117

SCG Kids Church or Meeting ID: 184826139

Church Family News

2020 Holidays Bible Talk Series: Hard but Good Jesus gave lots of hard but good teaching. Brent Faulkner is wrestling with God’s word to bring us the Bible talk from Mark’s Gospel this Sunday, 26th of April.

Term 2 Mail Out Our Term 2 series is ‘The Good News We Almost Forgot’.  Keep an eye out for your Term 2 booklets in the post this week, along with some other little encouragements in the envelopes. DNAs will recommence in week 2.

GC Leadership Groups Term 2 Meeting On Thursday 30th April, our GC Leadership Groups will meet at 7:30pm via Zoom to touch base and prepare for the term ahead.

Term 2 Book Club
‘Crazy Busy’ by Kevin DeYoung is our term 2 book club focus. Everyone who has ordered a book will receive it in the post this week with their term booklet.

20 Invitations Churches around the world are seeing increases in attendance through online gatherings! Let’s keep our 20 invitations going into the digital age by inviting friends & family to join our online gatherings each Sunday. Offer to help them install ZOOM on their computer, phone or device and share the meeting ID and password with them.

Send in your photos While we can’t meet up together in person, we’d love to show your photos each Sunday before online church. Please send in photos of yourself or your family doing online church, kids church, DNA, prayer, Gospel Community interactions, meetings or devotions, we’d love to see you all!

New Gospel Opportunities
On Mondays, we will provide a one minute video from The Gospel Coalition to help you make the most of new gospel opportunities during COVID-19.

PayPal on website
We now have a PayPal feature on our website which you can use to contribute to the work of the Gospel at SCPC and the common fund. If you would like bank account details for general giving please contact

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact your Gospel Community Vision Coordinator or speak to a staff member.

Church Family Prayer

  Loving God Loving Each Other Loving the World
Sunday Praise God that Jesus will return to judge and restore.Pray for D and D as they adjust to married life together.
Pray for Linda in Taiwan. That during this time she will still be able to build relationships and share Jesus with people in Donggang.
Monday Praise God that Jesus’ promised return gives us hope.

Pray for the C family as they grieve the loss of their father & grandfather.Pray for wisdom for governments as they respond to Covid-19. Pray that they might seek to help and care for the people of their countries.
Tuesday Ask God to help us see our sufferings in light of his promises. Pray for families as they re-adjust to online schooling.Pray that M’s language skills will improve, that during this isolation she will find deep comfort in Jesus and love her neighbours with Jesus love.
Wednesday Confess that we get distracted and are not prepared for Jesus’ return.Ask God to help our Mum & Me mums reach out to community mums while they can’t meet together in person.Pray that Christians across the world will lovingly care and support those around them, and boldly share the lifesaving news of Jesus.
Thursday Give thanks that God’s word will never pass away. Pray we can grow in understanding of the things of God.   Pray for R that she can build deepening relationships with her neighbours during this tough time.
Friday Praise God that Jesus stood firm to the end so we could be saved.Pray for Ian as he looks for ways to minister to our Youth online.Ask that we will boldly take hold and further the gospel opportunities we have with family & friends.
Saturday Ask God to keep us on our guard to keep watch for Jesus return. Pray for the R’s as they adjust to life with a new baby.Pray for rest in Jesus for David & Gae even though their travel plans have been disrupted.
Please use this table to inform your prayers throughout the week

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