Sunday Scattering 3rd May 2020

Sunday 3rd May 2020

Welcome! to our Sunday Scattering online. Wherever you find yourself scattered, we pray you will be encouraged from God’s word as we open to 2 Corinthians 1 and see that belonging to our faithful saviour Jesus Christ, guarantees comfort in both life and death. We’ll be asking the question: Where do you turn for comfort in times of trouble?

Following, is all the information you will need to be able to benefit from our scatterings this Sunday.

Zoom link

Instructions for connecting to ZOOM for our Sunday Scatterings can be found in the attached document.

Click here to join the Zoom webinar from 9:30am or 5:30pm on Sunday 3rd May 2020. Alternatively, you can use the meeting ID: 657 139 469.

Our Sunday Scatterings will begin at 10am and 6pm.

Kids Church

Hi kids!! This week we are starting a new series of very important QUESTIONS and ANSWERS about the “Good News We Almost Forgot”. We will always find the answers from God’s Word the Bible. You’ll also find your questions, puzzles and colouring , in the downloadable documents below. Please contact the office if you are unable to access these. We’ll also learn a new song “The Bible is the Answer” from Colin’s Catechismo CD. ENJOY!

Kids Church Material

Kidz Quiz Episode 1
Paul and Silas have a ‘bad day’, but do they? Acts 16 v 22-25

Kids Church Zoom rooms at 11:15 am
We have set up some Zoom rooms for primary school kids (Year 3-6) to meet with their kids church leaders, play a game and work through the kids church material together. To join, just click on the kids church class your child is in and use the same password as before.

Year 3-6 Girls or Meeting ID: 781102755

Year 3-4 Boys or Meeting ID: 303656924

Year 5-6 Boys or Meeting ID: 919229117

SCG Kids Church or Meeting ID: 184826139

Church Family News

Congratulations! Congratulations to the H family on the arrival of their new baby girl last Sunday. Please be praying for them as they raise both their daughters as followers of Jesus.

Term 2 Series This Sunday we commence our Term 2 series ‘The Good News We Almost Forgot’.  You would have received your Term 2 booklets in the post last week, along with some other little encouragements in the envelopes. If you like to take notes during the Bible talk, we have included notes pages in the back of your booklet for that exact purpose.

Digital DNAs Digital DNAs kick off this week so jump into your DNA Zoom rooms at your DNA time.

The Good Life Gym‘ What is ‘The good life Gym’!? It’s us encouraging each other to make the most of social isolation by growing in godliness.  So send in your photos of what helps you to live the good life of the gospel: A prayer journal, a friend on ZOOM, a place you like to do your quiet time. You might like to have a bit of fun with it or others might prefer a more reflective image. But the goal is to be encouraged by photos of each other and to provide some extra enthusiasm to help us keep growing as followers of Jesus. We’ll include some photos in our Sunday Scatterings and also put one image up on the SCPC instagram page each week.

Youth this term Zoom Humpday & Zoom Youth are kicking off this Wednesday & Friday.  There will be all the usual fun and good Bible teaching. Parent permission notes need to be returned so Youthies can jump in on Zoom.

Term 2 Book Club
The ‘Crazy Busy’ books have been posted to everyone who has ordered a copy along with the reading schedule. We’ll be reading one or two chapters a week and the discussion night will be at the end of term on June 24.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact your Gospel Community Vision Coordinator or speak to a staff member.

Church Family Prayer
  Loving God Loving Each Other Loving the World
Sunday Praise God that he has rescued us from our sin.

Ask God to help us celebrate the core truths of biblical Christianity throughout our term 2 series. Pray for our neighbouring countries in the pacific. That their governments will be able to look after their people well during this pandemic. Also pray that Christians will be able to show Jesus love at this time.
Monday Thanks God for the gift of the Holy Spirit who reveals the comforting truth of the gospel to us.

Pray our DNA groups will help us grow as we study & apply God’s word this term. Give thanks with M that her Ugandan friends were able to return home safely. Give thanks to God that M has been knowing God’s peace during this uncertain time.
Tuesday Pray that through suffering in this world we will grow a deeper love for Jesus and a dependence on him. Pray for our leadership team as they lead & make decisions for our church family. Pray with M for the women and children of the city (and everywhere), to be protected from any violence during the lockdowns/curfews and for hearts will be softened to hear the good news of Jesus.
Wednesday Thank God our Father that he comforts us as his dearly loved children. Give thanks for the gift of Emmaline Hope. Pray for her parents as they raise both their daughters as followers of Jesus. Give thanks for the strong and so far successful response the Taiwanese government has had with Covid-19. Pray for L to share Jesus and encourage her small church family. Pray for continued planning for Home Assignment from August.
Thursday Praise God for his power to raise the dead and his grace to raise us – who were his enemies. Pray we will support our church family members facing job loss & that God will provide new opportunities. Pray that Christians across the world will lovingly care and support those around them, and boldly share the life-saving news of Jesus.
Friday Give thanks that our suffering produces fruit which is good for us and others – all for His glory. Pray our Youth & leaders can encourage each other in Bible reading through Zoom Youth & Humpdays. Pray for R. The school where she taught has been closed so she no longer has a job, but thankfully she can stay until her visa runs out. Pray for continued opportunities with her work colleague, neighbours and friends. 
Saturday Give thanks for the good life that he has won for us – that his comfort lasts forever. Pray for generosity in the way we use our weekends. Pray for churches meeting online across the world that many new people can connect with them and hear about the life-saving good news of Jesus.
Please use this table to inform your prayers throughout the week
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