Sunday Scattering 7th June 2020

Sunday 7th June 2020

Welcome! to our Sunday Scattering online. Wherever you find yourself scattered, we pray you will be encouraged from God’s word throughout our Term 3 series ‘The Good News We Almost Forgot’.

This Sunday we open to Romans 8 to consider that the Holy Spirit is given to us personally through faith in Christ and is our guarantor for adoption, life, godliness and salvation. We’ll be asking the question: Who is the Holy Spirit and what is his purpose?

Following, is all the information you will need to be able to benefit from our scatterings this Sunday.

Sunday Scattering Zoom link

Instructions for connecting to ZOOM for our Sunday Scatterings can be found in the attached document.

Click here to join the Zoom webinar from 9:30am or 5:30pm on Sunday 7th June 2020. Alternatively, when you open Zoom on your device, you can use the meeting ID: 657 139 469.

Our Sunday Scatterings will begin at 10am and 6pm.

Night Church Zoom Room

After our 6pm Night Church Scattering we invite you for a catch-up by joining our Zoom Room. Click here to join the After-Night-Church-Zoom Room from 7pm each Sunday.

Kids Church

Hi kids!! This week’s very important QUESTION and ANSWER about the “Good News We Almost Forgot” is… “WHAT DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT DO?” We will always find the answers in God’s Word, the Bible. Don’t forget to check out your questions, puzzles and colouring, in the download documents below. Please contact the office if you are unable to access these.

Kids Church Zoom rooms at 11:15 am
We have set up some Zoom rooms for primary school kids (Year 3-6) & SCG to meet with their kids church leaders, play a game and work through the kids church material together. To join, just click on the kids church class your child is in and use the same password as before.

Year 3-6 Girls or Meeting ID: 781102755

Year 3-4 Boys or Meeting ID: 303656924

Year 5-6 Boys or Meeting ID: 919229117

SCG Kids Church or Meeting ID: 184826139

Church Family News

Dining Out for Food for Thought Week

Now that we can book a table at a favourite restaurant and take some friends out for dinner, why not take the opportunity between 15 – 20 June in the lead up to Food for Thought Sunday? It would be a great way to encourage our friends to think about the three questions below and invite them to our homes for Food for Thought Sunday on June 21.

  1. What do you live for? What is important?
  2. Does it matter what and how people think?
  3. What is the philosophy of Jesus Christ?

Food for Thought Sunday

On Sunday 21st June, David Robertson will be zooming into SCPC to help us & our friends understand how people think so that we can present them with the best idea of all. We will look at the various ways that people think – contrast that with the way of Christ – and then look at each other again through Christ’s eyes.

From Scattered to Gathered

Check out our SCPC website for the information our Leadership team has put together for the stages of returning from Scattered to Gathered Sunday meetings.

Keeping Our Distance

With Covid-19 restrictions easing, we still need to keep 1.5m distance between us and our visitors. Keep social distancing in mind when you send in your photos.

Term 2 Book Club: Crazy Busy

This week, read chapter 8. The discussion night will be at the end of term on June 24.

Church Family Prayer
  Loving God Loving Each Other Loving the World
Sunday Praise God that Jesus is the founder and perfector of our faith, who endured the cross for our sake. Ask God to conform us more & more to the likeness of Jesus. Pray for the African continent with Covid. Cases are relatively low however countries have been hit hard economically and vaccination programs for a range of preventable diseases have stalled. Pray that Christians will show love and share Jesus.  
Monday Praise God the Father that He has poured out the Holy Spirit into all who have faith in Christ, to help us to love and follow Him. Pray that we will care enough about our friends to invite them to consider Jesus. ay for our link missionary Linda in Taiwan. Pray that her flight home to Australia on June 19 will not be cancelled. Pray for her local church in Taiwan and that she can continue to have opportunities to share Jesus before she leaves.
Tuesday Confess that we can often doubt that God is in control, that He loves us and has completely justified us in Christ. Pray that we will seek to comfort each other with the comfort the Holy Spirit gives us. Pray that we as a country will look to love and support other nations during this pandemic. Pray that we as Christians will be prayerful and practical in love here in Australia and overseas.
Wednesday Confess that we keep looking to worldly pleasures and distractions. Pray for our Leadership Team as they plan the return from scattered to gathered. Pray with M as she seeks to share Jesus with local friends. Pray that her friend Tas will understand the gospel and accept Jesus as Lord. Pray for M with language learning.
Thursday Ask that we might understand better who the Holy Spirit is and His work. Pray we will seek all the more to point each other to God’s living Word. Pray that Christians will continue to boldly share the gospel all across the world. Pray that we can show Christ’s love to each other and to those who don’t yet know Him during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.
Friday Ask that we might live by faith and not by sight, and that we might grasp who we now are through faith in Christ. Pray that our Youth can grow in their confidence in Christ.   Pray for Christians facing persecution around the world. Covid has increased persecution for some as they have been excluded from govt support because they follow Jesus. Pray for their strength, boldness and for practical support.
Saturday Ask that we might be able to ‘lift our eyes’ and fix them on Jesus. Also that we will long to be received into His perfect fellowship. Give thanks for opportunities to meet face to face with friends & family. Pray for R as she continues to juggle tough decisions about work, accommodation, visas and possibly returning to Australia. Pray as she continues to show Jesus’ love to Christian and non-Christian friends.
Please use this table to inform your prayers throughout the week

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact your Gospel Community Vision Coordinator or speak to a staff member.

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