Sunday Scatterings & Gatherings 28th June 2020

Sunday 28th June 2020

Welcome! This is the first of our Sundays in transition. Morning Church remains scattered and will be online at 10am but Night Church will be gathering at Park Avenue at 6pm. Wherever you find yourself scattered or gathered, we pray you will be encouraged from God’s word throughout our Term 3 series ‘The Good News We Almost Forgot’.

This Sunday we open to Matthew 28:16-20 and Psalm 110 to consider that Jesus is victorious, rules at God’s right hand, completely equips us and calls us to follow him. We’ll be asking the question: Why did Jesus have to go?

Following, is all the information you will need to be able to benefit from our scatterings this Sunday.

Sunday Scattering Zoom link

Instructions for connecting to ZOOM for our Sunday Scatterings can be found in the attached document.

Click here to join the Zoom webinar from 9:30am or 5:30pm this Sunday 28th June 2020. Alternatively, when you open Zoom on your device, you can use the meeting ID: 657 139 469.

Night Church Returns @ Park Ave

This Sunday 28 June Night Church returns to face to face meetings at our Park Avenue hall at 6pm with Covid-19 Safety Plan restrictions. Those who can’t join us can still Zoom by clicking above.

Kids Church

Hi kids!! This week’s is our last very important QUESTION and ANSWER about the “Good News We Almost Forgot” is…”WHAT ENDING HAVE WE FORGOTTEN?” We will always find the answers in God’s Word, the Bible. Don’t forget to check out your questions, puzzles and colouring, in the download documents below. Please contact the office if you are unable to access these.

Thank you

Kids Church Zoom rooms at 11:15 am
We have set up some Zoom rooms for primary school kids (Year 3-6) & SCG to meet with their kids church leaders, play a game and work through the kids church material together. To join, just click on the kids church class your child is in and use the same password as before.

Year 3-6 Girls or Meeting ID: 781102755

Year 3-4 Boys or Meeting ID: 303656924

Year 5-6 Boys or Meeting ID: 919229117

SCG Kids Church or Meeting ID: 184826139

Church Family News

David Robertson Resources
It was our pleasure to have David Robertson as our guest for Food for Thought Sunday. Here are some of David’s helpful resources.
Book: Magnificent Obsession: Why Jesus is Great
Book: A.S.K. Real World Questions / Real Word Answers
Book: The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths
David’s Blog:
City Bible Forum Website:

July Holiday Series
During July, we’ll return to our 2020 holiday series: ‘Hard but Good’
July 5 Robert Maxwell ‘You Cannot Serve both God and Money’
July 12 Stew Playsted ‘Not Seven Times but Seventy Seven Times’
July 19 Jesse Rosenberg TBC

Our final Term 2 Youth night will be this Friday July 3, 7-9pm at Park Ave.
Term 3 will kick off on July 31 at Park Ave.

Kids Church
This Sunday 28 June will be our last for Kids Church Zoom Rooms. During the school holidays, Kids Church material can be accessed here from our SCPC website as usual but Zoom Rooms won’t be operating. A big thank you to our wonderful Kids Church Leaders who kept teaching our kids via Zoom Rooms throughout term 2.

From the start of Term 3, kids church will be temporarily undertaken by Gospel Communities until we can all meet together again at Lismore High.

Scattered to Gathered Update

School Holiday Series: Hard but Good
June 28 10AM Zoom Webinar
June 28 6PM Park Ave* plus Zoom
July 5 10AM Zoom Webinar + Coutts & Herd Gospel Communities at Park Ave*
July 5 6PM Park Ave* plus Zoom
July 12 10AM Zoom Webinar + Griffiths & Maxwell Gospel Communities at Park Ave*
July 12 6pm Park Ave* plus Zoom
July 19 10AM Zoom Webinar + Kemsley & Playsted Gospel Communities at Park Ave*
July 19 6PM Park Ave* plus Zoom

Term 3 Series: Ezekiel
July 26 9AM Southern Cross Goonellabah at GCC*
July 26 9:45AM Coutts & Herd GCs at local hall TBC*
July 26 9:45AM Griffiths & Maxwell GCs at WRPS*
July 26 9:45AM Kemsley & Playsted GCs at Park Ave*
July 26 6PM at Park Ave*
July 26 ZOOM TBC *with Covid-19 Safety Plan

Church Family Prayer

Church Family Prayer
 Loving GodLoving Each OtherLoving the World
SundayGive thanks that Jesus rose victorious over sin and death.Pray we can delight in Christ’s victory over sin & death and his authority over our lives. Pray for the world as Covid cases continue to rise, that Jesus love will shine brightly.
MondayThank God that Jesus sits as priest and king beside God’s right hand.Pray we will love our older members by considering their Covid-19 risks.  Give thanks that Linda is home in Australia and enjoying some rest while in quarantine.
TuesdayGive thanks that all authority in Heaven and Earth has been given to Jesus. That He is in complete control.Pray for Robyn as she receives cancer treatment in Melbourne.   Pray for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. Pray that their physical and spiritual  needs might be met.
WednesdayConfess we can so easily forget in our day to day living that Jesus is truly king.Pray for our tech team as they serve us through the transition to gathered meetings. Pray that we will become more aware of the needs of the persecuted church and respond.
ThursdayAsk that God would continually grow us to see just how wonderful Jesus Christ is.Pray we will look out for the needs of each other as we return to gathered Sundays.Pray that as protests continue around the world with Black Lives Matter that all of us will check our own hearts for prejudice and racism and repent. Rejoice that God cares deeply for victims of injustice. Pray that we will have a real heart for them as well.
FridayGive thanks that Jesus paid for us once and for all.That our Youth will know the difference of being under Christ’s authority compared with the pressures of the world. Give thanks with R for the provision of a new job. Pray for God’s help to get visa and living needs sorted promptly.
SaturdayConfess that so often we focus on ourselves and live the way we want to as followers of Jesus.Pray that families who have experienced stress during the school term can rest in God’s provision of time off. Pray for M as she seeks to love others with Jesus love. Please pray for her neighbours and opportunities to love and serve them.
Please use this table to inform your prayers throughout the week

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact your Gospel Community Vision Coordinator or speak to a staff member.

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