Sunday Sing-along

Singing together is something that we’re really missing and it could be quite some time until we are able to join with one another, in the same space, and sing to each other and our great God. Whilst this is disheartening, we are praying that an extended sing-along will encourage us in our faith and remind us of God’s goodness and the sovereignty of His word. Don’t worry about your singing prowess – we’d love you to join us!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Send your song requests to by Thursday 16 July.

2. Get in your lounge room on Sunday afternoon at 3pm and click here to join in! 

Please keep in mind physical distancing requirements and the advice below from the NSW Government (current as of 14.7.2020):High energy dance, as well as singing and wind instruments, can spread COVID-19 if a participant is infected. Additional planning around these activities should be undertaken from a work health and safety perspective, including ensuring 3 metres distance from the audience. Group singing or chanting is particularly high risk and so should continue to be avoided. 

3. Enjoy!

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