The Pastors’ Post

Here is a short video from one of our pastors, Matt, as he talks about life at SCPC this week.

Below is the text from the video.

Hello Southern Cross, it’s Matt here bringing you this week’s Pastors’ Post.

I hope you’re looking forward to diving into Galatians this term? We’re kicking off this Sunday at 9am at Goonellabah, 9:45am at Park Ave, or the Scout Hall, or Wyrallah Rd School – or even ON ZOOM.

You might be looking at this room behind me and wondering “where is he?”. Well, I’m at Invercauld House in Goonellabah (a fair way down the southern end of Invercauld Road at number 163) – this is our new home for Southern Cross Goonellabah, at least until the end of the year.

We’re praying that we might be able to continue to meet here next year as well, but at least for the next few months, each Sunday morning from 9am, this is where our SCG church family are gathering.

Why are we here at all? Well, for the last 3 years we’ve enjoyed the use of the Goonellabah Community Centre – but due to COVID restrictions – the main meeting space was just too small for our growing church family (what a wonderful problem to have!). Also, the available kids church space was reduced making gatherings at the community centre just unworkable – at least during this season anyway. But here at Invercauld House, we have access to a larger meeting space, well equipped with all of the AV gear we need, and an overflow area outside as well (and I pray that we’ll need that too), AND we have a separate kids church room too.

We are so thankful to God for His generous provision, and we’re thankful for the management and staff of Invercauld House too. Please be praying for us. Pray that we will make the most of the opportunity to reach out to those living in this part of town without forgetting to stay connected to those in the main part of Goonellabah, where we have seen the fruit of gospel ministry over the past few years.

Something else that’s happening in our church family at SCPC is the appointment of a Families Pastor starting in January 2021. Our Transition Team (commissioned by Leadership Team) has been meeting together, talking, praying, following up and zooming for several months with a few potential candidates for the role – and we have decided that we would like to offer the position to Tim McDonald. And Tim has also been endorsed by Northern Rivers Presbytery this week.

You may remember Tim from his time here at Southern Cross a few years ago. If you’ve not met Tim, he grew up in our church family here and for the past 7 years has been in Sydney and Newcastle, working and studying at Bible College and starting a family with his lovely wife Jasmine. They have a beautiful 11-week old daughter, Violet, and we had the pleasure of spending just a little bit of time with them a few weeks ago.

Tim is passionate about sharing the gospel, teaching it to others and encouraging youth and young adults in their faith and encouraging them to share the love of Jesus with others too. He has been endorsed by the Transition Team, Leadership Team and Northern Rivers Presbytery and, following the approval of the finances to continue the full time role of Families Pastor at SCPC, we really look forward to having Tim join our ministry team and our church family in 2021.

Also exciting news, is the prospect of having our dearly loved Eliza Faulkner taking on an MTS apprenticeship here at Southern Cross for 2021 & 2022.

If you have any questions relating to these positions, particularly the financials, we’re having a preliminary information session this Sunday at Park Avenue starting at 11:30am. Then a fortnight later on November 1st at 11:30am at Park Ave, we’ll have a congregational meeting to approve the finances for these roles. Exciting times in what’s been a difficult year.

Please continue to pray for Tim, Jasmine and Violet, and also for Eliza as we all work through these processes.

I’m so thankful for so many people in our church family, including those who are home grown and have moved away, that God continues to work through us, He continues to work through our church family and He gives us a heart for his mission all over the world and even right here in Lismore and Goonellabah.

We trust in God’s amazing love, His ultimate perfect provision through the gospel of Jesus.

This has been The Pastors’ Post.

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