The Pastors’ Post

Here is a short video from one of our pastors, Ian, as he talks about life at SCPC this week.

Below is the text from the video.

Welcome to The Pastors’ Post, an update about life at Southern Cross.

I’m not sure how your celebration week has gone, but in response to some questions, I would like to share information with you about some resources we put in the Gospel Community gift packs.

We included some resources from Youthworks, a Sydney Anglican ministry aimed at young people. We included prayer cards that children, teens and adults can all benefit from.  Each card has a straightforward prayer, with a short Bible passage and each card has a theme to it – Provider, Kind, Refuge, Unchanging, etc. If you have or haven’t spent time teaching your children to pray, or simply praying yourself, if you do or don’t regularly pray by yourself or with your children or teens now – then these prayer cards could be a good opportunity for you to start or to continue. We can print out more copies at the office and laminate them for you if you missed out from the packs.

We also included some information and a web link for the Youthworks 555 challenge. This challenge is aimed at helping families and households develop a daily devotional time. The 5 5 5 stands for: 5 minutes over 5 days for 5 weeks. The idea is simply to go to the website ( and follow the link to sign up and have simple weekly devotionals sent to you for 5 weeks. I’d encourage households to sign up and have a go at looking at God’s Word together over a meal or at another time. Please contact me or check out the Youthworks website if you have further questions.

We also included some different books in the packs:

  • Galatians Scripture Journals, a great way to take notes as you’re reading from the Bible,
  • One to One Bible Reading by David Helm, it explores the what, why and how of one to one Bible reading, a great resource
  • The Word One to One, a resource designed for you to pick up and read with a friend. This resource goes through some of John’s gospel and has questions and answers for you both. It is truly easy to use. There are also further books in this series that explore more of John’s gospel if you wish.
  • There is also a short booklet: Short Steps for Long Gains, an A-Z booklet with 26 short devotions you can use by yourself, with a friend or with your family.

We also have more copies of these resources at the office if you missed out and would like one, please get in contact with us.

Also, I hope you’ve been able to check out and enjoy the short Psalms devotions we’ve put up on the church family website this week. Please have a look if you haven’t already. Let me read you a couple of verses from Psalm 46, one of my favourites. From verse 10:

10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

11 The Lord Almighty is with us;
    the God of Jacob is our fortress.

Have a read of the whole Psalm – it’s great! We have a great God, our Heavenly Father, who cares for us so deeply in Jesus, don’t we?! I pray you can be still and know that He is God today, and this week.

We also wanted to let you know that on Wednesday night our Leadership Team with the helpful guidance of the Transition Team, endorsed Tim McDonald for the Family’s Pastor role in 2021. It was unfortunate that we had to get together during this difficult and busy time this week but we continued with the process for the benefit of Tim and his wife Jasmin and our church family. We’re now waiting to hear back from Tim and Jasmin as they prayerfully consider our offer.

Once they confirm their acceptance of the offer, we need to submit his name to the Northern Rivers Presbytery by October 14th. Then, on October 18th we’ll have a preliminary information meeting regarding the Families Pastor, which will enable the church family to have any questions answered. After that, the church family will need to endorse the financials for the role at a congregational meeting on November 1st.

Finally, this morning Eddy Allen’s memorial service will be held. Please feel free to join in and watch the live stream online. The link is on the church family website. Or, you are most welcome to come to Park Ave to view the memorial service together via video link. Please be aware you will need to register for this through the Southern Cross Presbyterian Church website.

Please continue to pray for the Allen family. Pray that they might be able to continue to rest in the Father’s care during this very difficult time.

Thank you for tuning in to this Pastors’ Post.

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