Jotham Booker, our new Global Mission Partner

Jotham Booker is our newest Global Mission Partner at Southern Cross who is about to head back to Munich, Germany.

We were excited to have Jotham visit us last weekend and preach to us from Isaiah 40 at SCG and our two East Lismore gatherings at Lismore High.

If you would like to receive Jotham’s prayer letters, click here to subscribe.

Southern Cross is a financial partner with Jotham. If you’d like to further partner with Jotham financially individually you can click here.

The partner Gospel Communities for Jotham are the Playsted and Henderson GCs.

Here is a short message from Jotham for us at SCPC:

This is the song that Jotham shared with us at our gatherings last Sunday picking up the hope of Isaiah as he looked toward all nations gathered around our God.

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