Sunday 12th September

This Sunday 12th September we invite everyone to join our Sunday ‘Scattering’ on ZOOM from 9:45am for 10am and 5:45pm for 6pm.


We’ve reached the finale of our Term 3 Series ‘What Must I Do To Be Saved?’ looking at God’s plan for mission as he provides a way of salvation to the world.

Stew Playsted will open up the Bible to Acts 16:16-40 to show us that joy will arrive in homes across the road, as salvation is welcomed in. We’ll be asking the question: How can God work through our sufferings to share his salvation?

If you’re unable to join us on Zoom this Sunday, you’re welcome to listen to an audio recording of the Bible talk here on our website.




Hello families,

We will have our final ZOOM meeting for the term at 11am after the gathering on Sunday. You will need to bring a roll of toilet paper with you for a game that Katja has planned!

If you wish for your child to participate in our ZOOM meetings then please complete the Permission form for online meetings.pdf and email it back to by 8am on Sunday morning. If you are having trouble accessing this please contact me.

This is the last week in our series for the term. As a family watch the story for this week where Paul and Silas were arrested and thrown into prison. Instead of complaining or losing hope, they praise God! Use the following to guide your discussion:

  1. Recount the story in your own words (you could even act it out if you’re feeling creative).
  2. What incredible miracle happened when Paul and Silas were in prison? 
  3. The jailer asks a very important question. What was the question? What was the answer? 
  4. Why was the jailer filled with joy? 
  5. How does the Good News of Jesus make you feel? 

Then spend some time praying:

  • Thank God that we can be saved by believing in Jesus. 
  • Pray that this Good News will make you joyful and that God will help you share this joy with others!

Why don’t you have some fun with the Quiz Worx team and learn Acts 16:30-31 here.

If you need some other activities then here are some things you could do:

  • Complete your calico and hand it back to the red box at Park Avenue by the end of the week. 
  • Make a chatterbox – you can find a template here or use your own paper and this video will help you learn how to fold it. You could use it in a couple of ways:
  1. See if you can remember the 8 stories from the term (use your bookmark to help you) and create a chatterbox to help you share each story, or
  2. Create a chatterbox you could use with a friend to share the good news of salvation through Jesus.

We pray that you will find joy in the great message of salvation through Jesus and that you boldly share this good news with those around you.

Peita and the Kids Team

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