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Can I ask, how are your prayer cards going!? I wrote three…and put them in a very, very secure location! As I said to East Lismore on Sunday, these prayer cards aren’t a solution to our praying life. What will actually get us praying is by really needing our Father God.

Yet it grinds doesn’t it? Because we want to be self-made people. We don’t want to be seen as needy, or unbalanced, or somewhat unsure of ourselves. And yet it’s humility that will get us praying when we realise we are not in control. And so we come in our weariness and we can truly find rest. We can actually pray. We can then see our Father God do his thing.

I’m beginning to read Tim Chester’s newest book on the life of the famous evangelical pastor of the 20th Century, John Stott. I’m reading it with some young leaders at Southern Cross. In the first chapter, it recounts John’s first visit to Australia where he was speaking at a university campus about the great and enormous need for students to explore Christianity.

However, as he had left Britain, his father’s health had been deteriorating. His family had encouraged him to go across the world to Australia, that whatever happened plans would be in place, come what may. Sadly, his father died as he was about to preach evangelistically in Australia. He had had a strained relationship with his father, now torn away from him. He reached out to his Heavenly Father in prayer.

From his weakness and fragility, he locked himself in a room and prayed for strength. As he hopped up to preach, his voice was failing, he needed God’s strength.

In the years that followed, he often had people tell him they were converted on the night he lost his voice. John later reminisced on this time. He says:

All I can say, is that as I sought to fulfil the conditions,
he fulfilled his promise.
I experienced nearness.
I rejoiced in his presence.
I was assured of his blessing,
and was able to go forward into the mission.

The promise he prayed was from Psalm 145:18. Let me conclude with it:

The Lord is near to all who call on him,
    to all who call on him in truth.

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