Blokes GONE Bangalow

img_20161015_202058Blokes have gone Bangalow!

Big thanks to Luke (and Noel and Dorothy) for pulling the weekend together, so many behind the scenes things that you did, so many hours that you put in, too hard to count and to Craig for the trip up from the central Coast to open God’s word with us, and bearing with us in the travel plan to get you up here, lots of the Blokes commented on how ‘down to earth’ you are and a terrific listener and ‘YES Chef!’ (Paul Gatt) for your creativity and willingness to think big and then ‘put in the hard yards’ to pull it off, all you guys are good Blokes!!

So good to get away, so good to hang out with godly Blokes and so so good to get the reminder of that GREAT Bloke Jesus, whose resurrection gives us meaning, purpose and a future!!!

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