Church camp and celebration Sunday

Well, how did you all pull up from the weekend? Recovered?

It was great to spend a weekend away as a church family celebrating the wonderful grace that was shown to us in Jesus. Its been pretty tops hearing people’s highlights from the weekend. One highlight for me was just sitting on the beach catching up with people I haven’t spoken to in ages and hearing how God has been helping them grow this year.

What was a highlight for you? Was it the camping? Was it the late night card games? Was it celebration Sunday?

P.S. Just wanted to say how thankful we are for all those who helped at celebration Sunday – whether it was putting out tables, or cooking the spit, or manning the eskies, or helping run kids games – we thank God for our church family!

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  1. Louise says:

    We had a fantastic weekend! We enjoyed meeting up with our church family so much! So many opportunities to chat with people that we would usually not have a chance to.

    The highlights for us was endless….here is just a few
    * Malachi and Robert having a ride in a canoe (thanks to all those wonderful people who brought exciting things like that to share with our church family).
    * Hey Hey it’s Saturday (It was so great to see so many different people put alot of work into the night).
    * Celebration Sunday…….Pete was right, it didn’t feel like we were ‘going’ specifically to church, but just continuing on the weekend of fellowship
    * The Baptisms – tears come to my eyes seeing people publicly displaying their love for God like that
    * Just sharing meal after meal after meal over the weekend with members of our church family

    Thanks to everyone who put endless hours into the weekend. We really appreciated it.


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