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moving equipment






6 man tent including fly D & V Roberts 2
6x4 Trailer with cage P & S Mckay 6
A call to spiritual reformation by D A Carson M Roberts 1
A women's answer to anger S Coughlin 1
A4 Laminator R & L Maxwell appliances
ADS Motorcycle Helmet- Large and XXL size Motodry leather gloves Steve Mathers 3
Adult pink crayon costume I & J Coutts 3
air mattress pump - powered by car cigarette lighter plug D & V Roberts 2
Aliens in the attic S Coughlin 5
An Introduction to Christian Theology by Alister E. McGrath M Roberts 1
Anger Management S Coughlin 5
Angle Grinder D & E Goulding 7
Annie I & J Coutts 5
apple slinky maker I & J Coutts appliances
Arthur S Coughlin 5
Auto Camry with tow bar D & V Roberts 6
AVP 1 & 2 S Coughlin 5
Backpack Sprayer Unit P & S McKay 7
Barbie Movies (several) S Coughlin 5
barmix/stab mixer I & J Coutts appliances
Batman Begins I & J Coutts 5
Batman Cartoon S Coughlin 5
beach cricket set M & S Crosthwaite 5
Becoming more than a good bible study girl S Coughlin 1
Beethovan 4 S Coughlin 5
Belkin 10/100BT PCI card. New never used. Steve Mathers appliances
Belt Sander J & A Millar 7
Ben 10 (several) S Coughlin 5
Big Daddy S Coughlin 5
Bike Rack - holds 4 bikes D & V Roberts 6
Bike Rack (holds 4) Thompsons 6
Bike rack (towball mounted - holds 4) M & S Crosthwaite 6
Bike Riding Gloves D & V Roberts 5
Bionicles D & V Roberts 8
Biscuit Joiner J & A Millar 7
Blame Trilogy S Coughlin 5
Blender S & S Playsted appliances
blender/food processor in one I & J Coutts appliances
Blokus I & J Coutts 5
Blokus Boardgame R & L Maxwell 5