Talk 2, Keep Running

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Thank you; for the refreshing that was enjoyed from your ministry. (always the reading of God’s Scripture, accompanied by a preaching of His Gospel is welcomed and I thank you for it; and hope I always will bc they’re God’s power for all who believe, no matter how far along the race!) But your message concerning what was written by one nearing the end of his race to one he considered his son in the faith on the 3 R’s; it was a refreshing, reliable address that gave me opportunity to reflect on my own race.
    My race is simple, concerning my Lord and Savior The Lord Jesus Christ; my God unto whom I must be able to show myself approved through study, being able to rightly divide the word of truth; and the third element of my race is my fellow-believers (how far that extends is tricky, whether my household, my extended family, my street/neighbourhood, or more my suburb or town/city- Lismore, or all those who believe in NSW, or Australia, or all believers alive at this time! I reckon the degree of my endeavoured service to believers depends on the division; though you are breaking new ground yourself by using the internet to stream your message.
    It was for that I mostly thank you and I will keep on listening (now that Ive found them by helping my sister get the audio working on our laptop!)

    My the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ sustain you and continue to bless you, personally, (as a workman of the Lord you’re His husbandman, He best knows how to bless you with the partaking of the fruits that are all His), and in your work for Him, This Work, and richly bless those who hear your message(s), and for every believer throughout the world, those who are suffering and mourn may all believers be comforted and sustained,

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