Talk 2, Mission: Everyone

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  1. Trev Voltz says:

    “If we could tell someone one thing about God’s love in a line, what would it be? Well, it’s costly. God’s love is the most costly thing in the universe, because it cost God’s own life”.
    “We want to acknowledge that we’re just reaching for ways to show how costly God’s love is. We’ll always fall short, and hopefully that just shows how big He is. Something that big is impossible to describe.” Cam Huxford from the band Ghost Ships

    Every other religion calls for obedience first then reward but God gives us grace first then obedience follows, this is how He works through the entire bible, so let’s not leave this in our own little box of treasure let it be seen in all we do not just on Sunday’s or when we meet together but in everything we do. Trevor Voltz from a blacken heart sinner saved by the grace of God.

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