Talk 2, One Life

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  1. mark tirris says:

    After the bible talk I went and spoke with a believer I had erected (clear) barriers with in the past. To some degree I ripped the barrier down and now feel more unified.
    I appreciate the push to be unified!

  2. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi Mark

    That’s great to hear! Its really easy to pretend that those clear (i.e. see-through) barriers don’t exist but they’re just as effective at keeping us apart as the big mean ugly barriers. Praise God that he gave you the love and courage to address that with your brother or sister.

  3. Trev Voltz says:

    I was once a dead man
    A stranger with no home
    I stood opposed to God himself
    And yet He pardoned me. By Wolves at the Gate(band)

    We can stand opposed to brothers and sisters in Christ as we did with God but His endless pursuit for us and what He did for us through Jesus should compel us to destroy those dislikes we have for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Seek forgiveness from God first of all for having a heart like this and seek and talk to those that we have erected barriers to(like Mark did) How can we receive mercy if were not will to show it to others.

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