Talk 2, Unveiled glory

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  1. Trev Voltz says:

    Hey stew at the end of the talk you introduced the lords supper why is it that we never recognise his resurrection when we do this? For me it’s all part of the plan of salvation, part of the story of his death and resurrection.

  2. stew says:

    Sorry about the delay…

    Hmmm ok here is a short section of what I said on sunday:

    That his body would be broken, that the bread would remind us that in perceived weakness, he hung as a criminal and so some people would see him that way.
    A stinch of death would surround their vision of Jesus,
    but his body would be gloriously resurrected on the third day!

    So yeah without the resurrection, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15 we really would be fools, because we follow a dead king. But Jesus rose powerfully from the grave, beating sin and death and so we celebrate!

  3. Trev Voltz says:

    Thanks Stew must have fallen asleep at that point ?

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