Talk 4, Barnabas

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  1. Mark Tirris says:

    I was really hit by the fact that Hebrew people who historically put so much importance on owning and belonging to the land in Isreal could be transformed by the God of the gospel and be willing to sell that land and count their Hebrew inheritance as a loss for the sake of living and serving Jesus.

  2. Trevor Voltz says:

    It’s the same thing we need to do today surrender all for Gods glory but we get caught up in the whirl wind of who we are in this world that is our country of origin determines how we should live and be treated. It’s not until we see the story of God woven in our life,the gift that he lavished upon us while we were still sinners that we can really do what happened in Acts.

  3. Mark Tirris says:

    I agree Trev. I see that happens with me too. I really need someone to encourage me. I wanna be like Barnabus and I need others to be the same for me.

  4. Trevor Voltz says:

    Philippians 2 calls us to be Christ like and I think that’s the way Barnabas lived obedient to Gods will and using the skills he had been given by God.

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