Talk 4, Sin and Judgement 2

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  1. Mark Tirris says:

    A banging song on this topic.

    The Judge Of All The Earth – Shai Linne

    “…As we continue to consider this particular perfection

    Let’s take a second to address a few misconceptions

    When many think of God they assume His love is a must

    That’s true, but it doesn’t negate the fact that God is just

    So when we say this, they’ll wanna take us off the playlist

    But God is never under obligation to be gracious

    See, justice and mercy are two separate categories

    And God is the one who chooses which way He’ll have His glory

    The choices The Holy One certainly can’t be faulted

    In punishing the guilty, His righteousness is exalted

    He also rewards the righteous, we kind of/ sort of like this

    The problem of course is that nobody who’s born is righteous

    All of Adam’s descendants are inherently filthy

    That’s problematic for a God who will not clear the guilty

    If God is gonna save us and demonstrate what His love is

    It must be in a manner that’s consistent with His justice

    Jesus Christ, The Righteous One, the perfect solution

    Proving that God is just on the basis of substitution

    Perfect obedience, consecration without a flaw

    Yet on the cross He suffered the condemnation of the law

    So now God is able to be just and the justifier

    Of all who turn from their sin and place their trust in Messiah

    The resurrected Lord is our infinite treasure truly

    He gives us new eyes to see His justice in all its beauty!

    The Judge of all the earth shall do right The Judge of all the earth shall do right

    He is good and His ways are just

    Worthy of our faith and trust

    The Judge of all the earth shall do right”

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