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  1. Peter Caton says:

    Great looking new website! And great talk on Sunday thanks Dylan! It got me thinking and reading. But that led me coincidentally to an article on the “rapture” which interestingly concludes:
    ” The parables in Matthew Chs.24
    and 25 follow the signs and are
    a warning to Israel to be ready.
    The parables of the faithful and
    wise servant, the 10 virgins, and
    the talents, are all warnings to
    Israel to “watch” and not to say,
    “My Lord delayeth his coming”.
    Israel is God’s servant nation
    but the Church is the wife of
    the Lamb. In these parables
    unfaithful (unsaved) servants
    are cast into outer darkness.
    This is possible for unsaved
    Jews but it is not possible for
    members of the Bride of Christ,
    the Church. Those “taken” are a
    sign to Israel but we know it as
    the Rapture.
    One Taken and the Other Left

    Hence this author is saying the warning of the ten virgins is really for the Jews (Israel) while other warnings are for the Church (gentiles), which I thought was a rather different but plausible explanation. Anyone interested in commenting on that?
    Thanks, Peter.

  2. Mark Tirris says:

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for posting that!
    I was wondering about this parable and if it was talking about Christians or all people in general as all people get the chance to hear that Jesus is coming. For example all Muslims believe that a person called Esa (Jesus) will come back to judge the world…

    It seems right to think it’s for the Jews as they were God’s people but if they didn’t have a relationship with Jesus they didn’t have the Spirit and therefore weren’t saved. Whereas every Christian had the Spirit and was guaranteed of their salvation by the Spirits work not by following the law.

  3. Dylan says:

    Hi fellas,
    Glad to hear u have been pondering over the text. Regarding it being for a jewish audience etc I suppose we just have to remember the context. Jesus had left the temple (24:1), the disciples draw his attention to its impressiveness, jesus tells them it will be destroyed, triggering them to come to him privately outside the city and ask him about his return (24:3).
    The parable of the ten virgins is told to them following a description of the signs to come and the event itself (24:30-31), and then multiple reminders that no one knows when its coming. Its then followed by two parables more on the final judgement of the world.
    So in that context, to me it seams to be more on jesus preparing the disciples for whats ahead, knowing that they will be going on to establish the church etc, not so much on having a go at the jews.
    The three parables in ch25 including our one share some things in common including drawing a line between those saved and those not, but each has a different angle which doesnt seem to be aimed purely at pharisees or jews, but the world….
    So I took the 10 virgins to be aimed at identifying those who talk the talk but whos hearts are not under christ.

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