Talk 4, The Double Edged Sword

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  1. Mark tirris says:

    Hi Matt, you said something to the affect that it is all Christians responsability to warn other people when they are going down the wrong track. That we should have the courage to speak the truth to them… So I am wondering if we as Christians should be warning believers from other Churches if we think they are going down the wrong track? I.e. people under prosperity gospel teaching or people under Mormon teaching or JWs?

  2. Matt Crosthwaite says:

    Thanks for your comment Mark,
    The call to repent for the believers in Pergamum was for failing to speak the truth to each other (i.e within their own congregation), they were allowing “those among them” to follow false teaching. The challenge from Sunday for us was that we would be bold enough to speak the truth to each other when we witness behavior and attitudes that contradict a person’s personal commitment to live for Jesus. So the application was predominantly for those within our church – those “among us” (meeting with us). We certainly have a responsibility to speak the truth of the gospel to everyone we meet. If a person who claims to be a follower of Jesus is not living according to His word, then given the opportunity, we should lovingly point them back to Jesus.

  3. mark tirris says:

    Thanks Matt.
    I appreciate the challenge to be bold with others.

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